Study apathy part 2

2018 July 1 Sunday 20:22

So, as reported in a previous blog post), year 12 students continued to be lethargic. Notice the past tense because until the threat of being kicked of their chosen course, very little happened; since then there has finally been some improvement. So there is a potential solution: fear.

Simplicity, not obfuscation

Moderation, or censorship? No matter, a comment on a post about Ofsted grades was not deemed worthy of publication therefore re-posted here :)

Summer MOOC

2018 July 25 Thursday 18:40

Did anything useful during "gained time" since the GC(S)E students left? How about some professional development? CITC is pleased to have completed a brief organic chemistry MOOC; thanks to the team at University of York for their FutureLearn course Everyday (organic) chemistry. Has some useful ideas to stretch the A-level students and should also stimulate further interest in the subject for a few top GCSE students.

P.S. webmention: opposing the (twitter) herd

Reply to: Effortful educator

Educelebrities: an apt term. Twitter is too fast for thoughtful analysis of the sometimes useful content found. Blogs are preferable! :)