Thoughts of next year

2018 June 9 Saturday 17:27

With the years 10 & 13 students away on revision, of course time is now available to think about next year. It would be nice to see some of the year 11 students return, but if students have been advised to study combined instead of (preferred) single science, Are they being hampered? Some schools have an eye on performance measures and not necessarily students' aspirations (see this blog post), but what to do if students are entered onto courses to make a school appear "good"?

Similarly, current year 10 students seem oblivious to the impact of their attitudes (or lack thereof) today, upon results tomorrow. Some just do not want to learn (at least chemistry). An article has been published about the very subject. Comment to follow, after trying to download and read the ... article! :(

Addicted to games

2018 June 18 Monday 23:11

So, after presumably much debate amongst experts, it has been declared by World Health Organisation that the condition of (video) gaming disorder exists and now formally recognised internationally. What's interesting is the time factor qualification of 12 months; is this applicable equally to both children and adults? One would imagine that the effect would be greater amongst children.

In a school where gaming may not be "banned" under the ideology of freedom&emdash;responsibility, is may not be practical to wait a year (remember, half of a GC(S)E course) for the condition to be declared. However it could be useful to scare parents into taking a more proactive stance to control access to games. Too often, students have been seen sleeping in class or study areas, admitting to consuming excessive time using various electronic devices for communication and/or entertainment. Expect the gaming industry, just like the tobacco, alcohol, gambling, ((c)rap) music and processed foods (high sugar, fat, etc.) industries before, to deny any problem exists and resist any efforts at government regulation.