Active or passive social media infrastructure?

2019 February 21 Thursday 22:33

It seems that the critical mistake of the corporate social media companies (you know who they are: f..., t...) was to ignore the threat of political advertising to their mission to collect as much personal data as possible. When you get in the way of a politician and power, trouble (i.e. government regulation) is imminent. According to a latest proponent of the "build a platform, then monetise that platform" business plan, the future is "community media", claims 'Disciple media'.

What has this got to do with schools? With relentless budgetary pressures, schools seem to be encouraged to sell children's data for corporate media, especially Google via their so-called education suite of software and chromebooks hardware. Considering the success of innovation such as Raspberry Pi, schools should be given the tools (i.e. money) to allow students to develop their own infrastructure. A good example would be to see schools using private "pods" within the Diaspora network (e.g. see the `Comment' hyperlink at the top of this web page), instead of that budget being diverted to a "community media" fad...


2019 February 26 Tuesday 20:59

photo cliff edge with warning sign Which will be encountered first, Brexit or gc(s)es (Brexit is ubiquitous, why not a gratuitous mention here? ;) )??? Looking at some recent pseudo-mock exams, one wonders how to best motivate a student — especially those with the latest technology addictions — to some ... work! How many extrinsic motivations exist today with the average teenager that doesn't see interesting scientific, local job prospects? Or non-existent intrinsic motivators when basic needs, Maslow's style, are satisfied in a relatively affluent city?