A teacher's P–8 score

2019 August 22 Thursday 14:01

According to the UK government's guidance document, progress of individual students should not be shared with pupils and/or students. Nevertheless, is it valid to use the methodology and measure performance of teachers?

Consider the following data set of GCSE and key stage 2 (age 11 years):

					Student_index, Mean_KS2_score, GCSE_Chemistry_grade, Mean_A8_each_subject
					1, 4.4, 6, 3.708
					2, 5.1, 8, 5.251

The 'student index' is a replacement for student name to anonymise data. The 'Mean KS2 score' is data from the pupil's primary school (which is obviously reliable; ahem) and the 'Mean A8' value is the corresponding national average attainment 8 score divided by ten (subjects) to be able to estimate the progress 8 score for chemistry as an example individual subject. That is, P–8 for chemistry of each pupil is actual GCSE grade subtracted from mean A8 subject value.

Thus, calculation of the progress 8 score for each pupil in a class allows for estimation of the P–8 score of the class and therefore the teacher of that class. citc is pleased to announce a positive "Teacher P–8" score. :)

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