Chemical equations

2019 November 22 Friday 16:34

It's sometimes a surprise in the progress through a subject curriculum, for comparison between different cohorts. For example, this year's year 10 are about three months ahead of a previous cohort.

Similar to a previous post about the power of LaTeX, below is another example of the code to render a chemical equation:

								\item \ce{\textcolor{blue}{2}H_{2(g)} + O_{2(g)} -> \textcolor{blue}{2}H2O_{(l)}}
								\item \ce{N2_{(g)} + 3H2_{(g)} <=> 2NH3_{(g)}}
This simple example demonstrates the convenience of a "programmer's" mentality to using text commands, compared to trying to remember a graphical user interface of a software product such as a word processor, which option of the menu bar to choose, changing back to a default font and colour, etc..