Are the majority SEN(D)?

2020 January 27 Monday 19:52

It had been a while, but made a bit of a "whistle-stop" tour of 'bett London' this year. Yes, plenty of content about coding &emdash;no surprise&emdash; but what was intruiging: notable mention of competency in the basics and recognition of the sen(d) industry. Perhaps the consultants have identified "sen(d)-ed-tech" as a potentially lucrative new market. For example, Scanning Pens was featured in a thematic "sen(d) trail". What do they do? Supply mobile electronic text scanners to enable dyslexic people to read. It has been claimed that sen(d) proportion has increased during the last three years, to a rate approximately 15 % (i.e. 1.3 million) children in England. Root cause analysis anyone, or changes due to accuracy in detection? Neither evident in the aforementioned statistics document.