Upgrade culture

2020 May 10 Sunday 23:35

In the distant past, the web site 'Old version' was frequently used (primarily for micro$oft software before citc made the switch!) because as the web site correctly states: "... newer is not always better". As a user, one gets accustomed to how a tool works, becomes proficient. Then the programmer decides that (s)he thinks users should upgrade entire systems for some minor "improvement". Hate that. Make a reserve copy. Upgrade your system, then the tool you used has changed beyond recognition, or other software subsequently is broken and now incompatible with your upgraded system. What a bore.

End of rant. However, for once, citc decided to try the standard programmer' advice (" the software is perfect, no bugs. Upgrade your system! ") and upgrade, but with the restriction to minimise hardware resources. Not an easy feat these days in a world that assumes free hardware and internet infrastructure: yeah, right... A quick web search revealed a hitherto unknown LaTeX distribution, TinyTeX, which intruigingly, also is compatible with another favourite software, R. Thank you, chemfig programmer! :)

Going back, or not?

2020 May 27 Wednesday 22:44

The oh-so-middle-class "single issue pressure/protest group" Extinction Rebellion have apparently been promoting the "Zeitgeist" social media marketing hashtag, #nogoingback. London schools are going to re-open on a phased basis, but who wants to return? How are parents going to manage a scenario of one child able to go, but (an)other(s) not being able? Similarly for teachers who are also parents? Without co-ordination, it's a mess...

If truth be known, there is little appetite to return to some dubious hybrid of teaching a few children is a "social distance classroom" whilst others are at home in a "virtual classroom" On evidence of the past ten weeks, the "pandemic" has really exposed the observation that the vast majority of students are uninterested in the best subject of all(!)...