(Was a) sunny start to summer

2021 June 4 Friday 11:08

It had to happen. Most unusually, a half-term holiday began with some long-awaited nice weather. Fast forward to today, return of the rain. Welcome to Britain.

Recently, wanted to have a read of other teachers' anecdotes, so went to the 'tes fora' to read the confirmation of community closure. Sad, but not a surprise; the web site had been "down" for months for "maintenance", so the writing was on the wall, so to speak. Maybe teachers will learn to use open source tools and publish content on platforms that are not owned by private companies. All that content, published freely, gone. Time will tell, but not optimistic because teachers do not appear to think about such strategies. Are there alternatives? Of course. Just created a "fediverse" community: Teachers, courtesy of the Lemmy software.

Student-teacher compromise conundrum

2021 June 7 Monday 21:45

triangle to show compromise between three factors Inspired by mention of the "engineer's triangle" of compromise (courtesy of Derek Lowe's blog 'in the pipeline', prompted to think about whether a similar conundrum exists in the education world. Methinks it does: