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Webmention: it factor

2022 June 18 Saturday 19:03

Reply to: Adam Robbins

As a gnu/linux user, it is an endless frustration to be constrained to use microsoft tools and environment. It is a disappointment that there is an almost total lack of appreciation of alternatives. Systems administrators appear motivated by maximum choice and minimum variation, for convenience. It is more efficient to use LaTeX for maths, chemistry notation, yet still have to endure the pain of microsoft office powerpoint.

Whilst computer skills are not part of the science chemistry curriculum, it is difficult to forsee a chemist conduct their job without some aforementioned proficiency. The question is in what specific tools? Or would it be acceptable (for prospective employers) to introduce students to any tool, for them to use as evidence to demonstrate capacity to learn?

Standards in education: sunk ship?

2022 June 25 Saturday 07:48

Chatter in the staff room recently, about dejected students' awareness of "leaked" exam papers for gce a chemistry; subsequent web search query results suggests an (anglophone) problem in uk, India, South Africa, especially in maths and sciences. The motivations are not a surprise: difficult subjects, yet lucrative and respected career paths, opportunities. How to resolve?

Each year, exam boards produce exam papers that differ in content There are corrupt actors in the system, so it is no longer realistic to expect security within the context of a larger population of students. Thus a proposal to minimise incentives for corruption:

Webmention: Just give them a pen

Reply: Scenes From The Battleground

The saddest aspect of this scenario experienced, is the routine collection at the end of each "lesson", of broken pens. In addition to the common excuse "too long to get my equipment", it is an affront to see such wasted resources from those with latest version mobile phones in pocket and fashion trainers on feet, yet fail to be in possession of a single pen. Fortunately, this attitude may be used with that of laboratory safety. If a simple mentality of preparation of stationery equipment is effort, then so will be the effort to plan lessons of practical interest. Analogy often made with building construction site safety: do not expect to be paid if you attempt to enter a site without your safety shoes...